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It seems that female submission is in vogue after Gray's famous trilogy and now The day of a submissive. There are those who consider these practices as anti-feminist or even degrading, even though the authors of the books portray spoiled and desired acts. Today I am going to talk about another form of BDSM that is extremely pro-feminist, I think, because it ' idolizes' and idealizes black femdom uk . It is called female domination or "femdom ", that is, when the person in charge is the woman.

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The black femdom UK for me, and for many who enjoy this practice, is The Venus of the Skins of Leopoldo Von Sacher-Masoch. I had described the importance of this book in the post My sessions with Mr. Gray weeks ago. My first boyfriend had recommended it to me hoping to wake up my dominant side. And it worked. Thanks to him I had the stimulus to experiment with bondage, role-playing games, whips, whips, always in the role of dominant.

A few years later, I lived another kind of femdom relationship more focused on worship than punishment with a friend in college. It took me ten years and spending time with him was very nice since the boys of my age only thought about discos and football. It was a time when I specialized in feminism and was passionate about equal rights, but I realized that I was next to someone who not only considered women as equal to men, but superior.

First he accompanied me to the supermarket, offering to carry all the shopping bags. Then when I got home, he helped me clean my room. Being very messy, I can't deny that I loved it. Sometimes I joked with him telling him he was my slave, but he couldn't imagine that this was just what he wanted. Despite his submissive tendencies, he was not bad. Nor did I share all my opinions and we liked to debate.

One night in winter, our friendship took an unexpected turn. We were drinking wine in my room at the university residence, I sat at my desk and he sat on the bed. Suddenly he stood behind me and grabbed my hair. When I noticed the cold against my neck, I got goosebumps right away. Then I felt his hot breath on my neck and began to take bites and licks.

It took me by total surprise, but I decided not to think and just enjoy the feeling without repressing myself. It caused an instant reaction throughout my body, and in a stepping stone I was guiding his head towards my crotch. I ended up naked in bed, while he licked me and touched me until I ran once after another. I didn't reciprocate in anything, not even a kiss and on top of it, he was dressed all the time.

Several orgasms later, I found myself very relaxed but very sleepy and told him it was time to leave. When he said goodbye, he explained that he was at my disposal. "For whatever," he said. And I could call him whenever I wanted. He told me that he would never call me, and that he would just be waiting for my orders. Everything was in my hands.

I took advantage of his offer and for a few months he attended to my daily and sexual whims . I enjoyed countless massages, a chauffeur, cleaning, and cook service as well as much, much oral sex. For a while it was fun to live this relationship style and learn how satisfying the "preliminaries" could be by eliminating the penetration of the equation. However, I began to wonder if it was normal because I found it strange to live a very intense sexual relationship with someone with whom I had never slept or kissed, and who did not want to do it either. The advantages of the relationship for me were obvious, but for him? What pleasure did he get from our games?

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With time and experience I can say that I have come to understand more about black femdom UK. I have also learned that "sex" is much more than penetration and that sexual attraction is not always just about wanting to end up naked in a bed. I have also discovered that these trends are much more common than I could have imagined when I read The Venus of the skins for the first time.

For me, the appeal of a submissive man is not only the fact that he fulfills my wishes. It goes much further. I need to perceive your own satisfaction when giving me pleasure, because my pleasure is your pleasure. I have generally found that submissive men are sensitive, observant and very detailed. We already live in a macho world, and knowing that there are men whose sexuality goes against this reality demonstrates an erotic independence that I find very exciting. A man who sees a woman as a powerful subject and never as an object.

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